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2020 The 14th Guangzhou Environmental Protection Industry Expo

Release date:2015-3-29 Browse:2967

2020 14th China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo
2020 The 14th China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo
2020 "Belt and Road" Environmental Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

Organizer: Chinese Environmental Science Society
Guangdong Urban Water Supply Association
Guangdong Water Treatment Technology Association
Guangdong Municipal Waste Disposal Industry Association
Guangzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association
Guangzhou Bochang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer support: National Association of Vice-Provincial City Environmental Protection Industry Associations
British Environmental Industry Association
International Solid Waste Association
Guangdong Municipal Government / Clean Production / Sludge / Chemical / Electroplating / Dyeing /
Paper / Bio / Textile / Low Carbon / Metal / Industry Association
Shenzhen / Zhuhai / Dongguan / Foshan / Zhaoqing / Huizhou / Maoming / Heyuan /
Shenzhen Futian and other cities and ecological bureaus / associations
Exhibition time: May 20-22, 2020
Exhibition address: Area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex