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Domestic / import centrifuge repair

Domestic / import centrifuge repair

Release date:2020-5-19 Author:Nanjing Damin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Browse:1766

Our company is a professional company specializing in the maintenance of imported and domestic decanter centrifuges. In terms of centrifuge maintenance: successful maintenance of Deli, Flottweg, Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Bayares, Andritz, Haishen, Shangli and other imported and domestic brands, and the accumulation during the period A lot of practical experience in maintenance, and can learn from the mature technology of different brands to make corresponding improvements to some design defects. We are sincere, we are responsible, our technology is recognized by the country, and our intelligent one-stop service after sales. Corn centrifugal decanter centrifuge differential vibration repair nuclear power horizontal dewatering centrifuge repair sludge dewatering, power plant horizontal centrifuge repair, steel mill decanter centrifuge repair, centrifugal dewatering machine perennial maintenance project, juice separation horizontal centrifuge National maintenance, protein factory horizontal centrifuge maintenance, sewage group dehydrator maintenance, nuclear power dehydration centrifuge maintenance, coal tar decanter centrifuge maintenance, industrial horizontal centrifuge maintenance, and other industry centrifuge maintenance. Only by doing every detail well and doing it differently, can an enterprise be competitive in the fierce market competition. Centrifuge maintenance We require every component to be installed in place, quality assurance, and long-term after-sales warranty. We only do the maintenance of imported and domestic horizontal centrifugal dewatering settlers. Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Japan, China, all brands here you can enjoy the five-star original manufacturer treatment. Technical fidelity, quality, customs clearance and compliance is what we can do for you. For the horizontal centrifuge maintenance package, we will find our Damin, one-stop service for you.